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New Episode

Beware....many, many, many pictures.  Craziness to the tenth power.
 Oh, so sad!  Not even Velma glasses could make me smile.  For shame...
But, what! 
 Electric blue eyelashes, but no smile.  Alas.
 What's this?!  Almost happy?!  Yes!  Almost there!
 Perking right up, we are, we are! (Like the fake mole?  yeah baby)
By this time, the Punk Rawk Prom Queen transformation had begun. 
 The dress!  First glimpse of THE DRESS!!!
 Had to show off some more of the makeup, y'know...
 Well, then I got a tad bit hungry, y'see..
 ...so I got close to eating...
But no.  But then!  The fun began! <
 Am I the fairest of them all?  Well?!

That makes me sad again...But have no fear!  
 *crowds are cheering the perfectly-shaped Kat nostrils!*
But then I started getting a wee bit tired...
 Yawwwwwwwwwn....sorta Mmm...!
The lashes came off, and the dress ran away.

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