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Kat? Dumbshit? Yes

So, I was leaning on the door of J-1 today, waiting for Travis to get his crap, and suddenly it opens and I nearly fall down.

Later on, I turned to put my big huge notebook on the desk next to me, and I almost fell out of my desk.

We were walking back from the tennis courts, and I was on Travis's left, and there's this part where the path suddenly starts to kinda go up on the side, and I didn't realize it cause I was talking (surprise, surprise), and I had one foot on the high part, and I went to take a step, but it was on the lower part, and I stumbled into Travis. He made me stand on his right, after that. :(

"Where was I? I was still in my father's scrotum."

KAYLI WITH A SCROTUM!!!! No penis, no balls. Just a big hanging sac. *dies with laughter*
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